Monday, April 19, 2010

Couldn't Be Better

This past weekend I had a lot of riding planned with some friends but I woke up Saturday morning to 10-15 mph winds.  If I lived in the Midwest this would not be a problem but I decided to just cop out and wait for a day when the wind wasn't blowing.  After a few hours of staring out the window at the otherwise beautiful weather I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get outside and do some pedaling!  There is a notorious climb near my house so I figured, "If I can't make it to the top at least I will be able to tell people I failed on something pretty hard."  To make a long story short I was able to make it to the top, wind and all.

As I have said before I have had trouble getting my friends to go biking with me so when I can get them to come I bike no matter what. I was still pretty sore from Saturday's climb but when Sherman asked if I wanted to get in a 2-2.5 hour ride I jumped at the chance. 

We decided to take a circuitous route through southeastern Rockingham County and Augusta County.

Stribling Springs Rd 

A ride that wouldn't have been very hard was complicated by weak legs and headwinds. I got home 37 miles later and was so exhausted I could hardly climb off my bike but was really glad I had went.  It truly was a weekend that couldn't have been any better.

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