Thursday, September 30, 2010

Water of Life

Sitting here at BRCC, staring out the window at the pouring rain, I cannot but help to thank God for this blessing.  If you don't live on the East Coast you maybe don't know this but this rainstorm is (hopefully) getting us out of the worst drought in the last ten years or so. Dust is ever present in the air and the leaves even changed early this fall because of lack of moisture.  Many of my favorite rides take my over or through rivers and streams, but the last couple of months I have forlornly watched as the water slowly receded until only a trickle remained in the very center of most streams. 

There are many things in life which we often take for granted until they are gone. Family, friends, shelter, electricity, good health, and even the most basic building block of life, water.  Days or even months can go by without even thinking about these things, then they are gone and we either feel a void in our life, or we get weak from thirst. The average human can go for weeks without food and get along just fine. Take away water for 3 days and you will be either dead or close to it.  Just as our physical body cannot survive without H2O, our spiritual body cannot survive without the Water of Life.  Living in a desert the Israelites certainly realized the importance of water. The first thing that Abraham did after coming to an area was the dig a well to water his family and his livestock.  This knowledge of water's significance certainly influenced Jesus when he talked to the woman at the well.  He told her that the water that he could give her would make her never thirst again. She thought he was talking of physical water and was very excited that she may never have to fetch water. Of course we know now that he was talking of the Gospel.  Today we still have to drink water everyday but we can also access the well of Living Water which will quench our thirst forever.  No longer will we have to search for our purpose in life, all we have to do is to look at the example and teachings of Christ.

Don't let the rain keep you inside this weekend. Get out and see something or somewhere you have never seen before.  No matter how you get there, just get outside and revel in the awesome creation that God has given us!

Till next time,

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