Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few More Pictures

Joseph and I have been wanting to get in some longer mountain bike rides so a few weeks ago we were finally able to get one in. It had snowed the day before so once we got up to an altitude where the snow wasn't slush yet, we had slippery trails and fire roads to ride on.

It looks like some hikers had went through only and hour or so before us.

On top of Meadow Knob the wind was howling and my thermometer was reading 25.5 degrees. Wow it was cold!

This is what happens when you ride on melting fire roads! I don't think my drivetrain will ever be the same.

Stopping for some mid-ride coffee.

These next few pictures are of a ride two days before.

Trying to get back to the vehicle with no lights and the sun has long ago disappeared leaving the sky stained with pink and purple. If it wouldn't be for the fear of getting hit this is the perfect end to any ride.

Joseph loving Wolf Ridge Trail.

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