Monday, December 28, 2009

Numb Toes

After more than a week since the last time I clipped into my SPDs I was finally able to get in a decent length road spin today. The temperature was barely above freezing and a stiff 5-10 breeze was coming out of the northwest. Against all of my better instincts I suited up and set out. Although I absolutely loath riding on the road unless it is part of a mountain biking loop, I really didnt have much of a choice after the past week's snow. I rode towards Stokesville on North River Rd fighting the wind the whole way. I was finally able to break free from the wind which sapped strength from my legs and heat from my body when I turned east and headed toward Mt Solon across the old railroad bridge over North River. This brought me to Mt Solon and then to Route 42. I took 42 south to Bridgewater and then to Montezuma and home. After coming home resembling an icicle more than a human I was greeted by a water heater on the fritz! My cycle computer is defunct so I have no idea the exact mileage but it is probably 25-30 miles. Definitely not the most fun I have ever had on a bike but it is still better than getting fat on my Mom's cookies at home.

As I'm sure you are wondering, how did you keep from freezing over a 30 mile road ride? Well very carefully thats how. I was wearing an Ibex wool base layer with an Under Armour mid layer and a Columbia wind breaker as well as Swiftwick arm warmers. On my legs and feet I had thick wool socks with Specialized mountain shoes, Canari leg warmers, and Bontrager baggy shorts. For my hands I had Ibex wool glover liners and Specialized full finger gloves. On my head I had a Nike beanie. Even with the wind and the cold the only part of my body that got cold was toes so I imagine I will have to purchase some shoe covers.

Today was a training ride so I didnt have the time or energy to get any pics. Keep riding and stay warm!

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