Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bitter Cold + Screaming Wind = No Biking!!

The last few week or so since the big snow on the 18-19th riding in the mountains has been hard if not impossible, today even road biking is out of the question. It isn't much warmer than 25 degrees and the wind is gusting up to and even exceeding 10 mph. Maybe i should be depressed because the horrible weather is keeping me inside, but I am not! This gives me a chance to sleep in till 10 and walk around the house in my "jammies" till 12. Then I can (if I feel like it) drive to the market and get a cup o' joe to warm me up. My extremities my be frozen solid but at least I can be warm on the inside. (Cue emotional music)

Even though I wasn't able to get in any good mt bike rides for the last two weeks I did get up in the mountains to take some picture while the snow was still on the ground.

This actually happens to be the first winter in which I have decided to soldier on even when we have inclement weather. During previous winters I just hung up my helmet at the first sign of snow, freezing rain, or temperatures below 40 degrees. No longer will I let Old Man Winter dictate where when and how I bike!! (Cue dramatic music) I have made a personal goal to get in at least two hours of saddle time a week and have so far fulfilled that. I guess while we are on the subject of goals that my New Year's resolution is to accomplish the aforementioned goal as well as compete in the Hoo Ha cross country race at Massanutten this summer. I will keep you updated on how that goes.

I have decided that I need to sell some of my bikes and the first one to go will be my road bike. I very rarely use it (maybe once a month) and feel the money from this could be put to better use. I feel that a cross bike can be much more versatile and will be able to pull double duty as both a dirt road and fire road bike as well as a road bike when shod with some slick tires. I hope to be giving Mole Hill Bikes some of my business soon but the Mennonite in me won' let me till I get the money from my road bike.


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