Sunday, January 3, 2010

What Does the New Year Stand For?

Many people make resolutions to change their lives for the better when the new year rolls around, why is this? Well the New Year is a place in the year when there is a tangible split between two periods of time, namely when one year ends and a new one begins, hence the term New Year. There really is no physical difference between December 31st and January 1st other than the fact that we have to be careful when we write our checks, yet we still pick these dates to reevaluate our lives. Each year starts out with resolutions to read our Bible more, to spend more time with our families, or to lose weight. Only months later most people have already failed to carry out these goals. You could almost say that each year is a year long representation of our physical lives. When we are born we are in an innocent state, but soon dirty our feet in the sins of the world. For our whole lives we struggle against sin until we are finally taken from this world to be judged by what we accomplished during our lives. We start each year with lofty goals and ambitions but soon fail in our aspirations till at the end of the year we judge what we have accomplished against our goals, then make new resolutions for the next year. We are in a way reborn in innocence each year. But why does it have to be the end of the year for us the evaluate our lives? It doesn't! Each day we can evaluate our lives, set goals, and ask for forgiveness from our sins. Each day we can become white as snow and follow Christ. You do not have to wait till the New Year or any other special day, you can come to Him and seek forgiveness any day of any year.

May God Bless you and keep you through this New Year.

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hope said...

Well written- very thought provoking. You are very good at this blogging thing, soon you will have many followers. I'll add you to my list.