Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Couldn't Have Come Sooner

What I am talking about of course is access to the delightful singletrack in the GWNF. The past week has been occupied with trying to stay sane while just outside my windowless jail cell called "work," the weather couldn't be better for biking. There is both good and bad news about the last week or so. The good news is that I still have not been forcefully admitted to my own comfy padded cell, the bad news is I only have gotten out for one ride so far this week. The few daylight hours that remain after I return home after school and work have been all but used up by preparing my stable of wheeled thoroughbreds for this coming weekend. It is calling for 60-65 degree temperatures and clear skies. With beautiful weather like that there is no way I can possibly resist the siren call of blissful singletrack.

Last Saturday I went on my first real mountain bike ride in the rain.  I came back with a new appreciation (maybe a better word would be "hatred") of slippery rocks, mud, and raging creeks. At one point I approached a stream and peered through the fog to see where the trail was. I couldn't find a blaze on the other side so I started looking around. It turned out that the torrent in front of me was the trail! I couldn't find a route around the stream that didn't include being sliced into human carpaccio by the brambles on either side of the "trail," so I had to wade calf deep in snow melt water for close to an eighth of a mile. The whole ride was a debacle as far as a riding experience but I got in 2.5 hours of saddle time and explored a totally new trail system so I guess it was an overall success.

Later on today after getting out of class and making a stop at Mole Hill Bikes I hope to ride the trail which this blog's name comes from, Trimble Mt. Trail. This will be the first time I have touched this trail since Thanksgiving!

Just checked the tracking number for my brand new ultra light sleeping bag and it should be delivered today! I have to admit that nothing makes me feel like a little boy Christmas morning than opening up a package with my name on it.

Hopefully during the ride later today I will be able to get some good pics to liven up what, I will freely admit, has been a rather bland blog lately.

Get outside, ride your bike!

Till next time,

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