Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shattered Dreams

Have you ever woke up in the morning and while you were stretching out all your cramps you just knew that it would be a great day? Well that is how this morning started out but as you will soon see things went quickly downhill.  The last two weeks I have been trying to commute to work with my bike. (To be honest I was somewhat forced to by the fact that my car was in the shop for an extensive tune up.)  I was able to roll out of bed just in time to be on my bike as the sun was cresting the horizon.  I pounded the 13.5 mile ride to work in only 45 minutes and arrived ready to attack my work day as hard as I had my ride. The whole week I have been anticipating the two day hiking trip I had planned with a friend and my brother.  I had only been at my computer maybe and Conrad called me saying that the forecast for the next two days was calling for extensive rain and he didn't have a tent or decent rain gear.  Unless the weather drastically changes in the next 12 hours that trip will be indefinitely postponed.  Still riding the wave of endorphins from my ride I was able to shrug off this disappointment and forge ahead.  Mere minutes later I realize that the print job I had been running for the last four days was junk due to poor image quality that I had failed to detect.  In 20 minutes weather and negligence had ruined not only my week, but my weekend.  The only consolations I have is that I can still hike by myself, and that my boss is not a very violent man.  It feels bad enough to fail at something and cost yourself money but quite another to fail someone else.

One thing you can always count on is that the sun always comes out after the rain.

Till next time,

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