Thursday, September 16, 2010

AT Pictures Part II

Getting ready to go into town after three solid days of hiking. I think so far I had hiked about 53 miles.

Breakfast at a donut shop in Manchester Center Vt.  Chocolate milk and cake donuts never tasted so good.  One thing I had to get used to was how people would react when they were downwind of us!  After three and a half days of sweating and wearing the same clothes we were pretty ripe!

This is the kitchen of the hostel we stayed at in Manchester Center.  It was a full kitchen with every amenity including a fridge full of free drinks and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  I usually don't drink sodas but you really start having weird cravings while hiking.  I think in 12 hours I drank the same amount of soda I had consumed in the previous six months!

Green Mountain House Hiker Hostel

I was surprised to find out how many people you would actually see on the trail. Here we ate lunch with about 7-8 other hikers.  This was the second time during the hike that we stopped near a lake for lunch.  You just can't see it in the picture.

On the fifth day of hiking I finally got my first "real" blister. 

Only a few hours before I cramped uncontrollably and had to call it quits, I filled up with water
at this tranquil lake. All this picture is missing is a moose in the background.

This is the restaurant/hostel/commune in Rutland Vt. where I stayed till my friend picked me up and took
me back home. (I just noticed that the name of the place where I stayed was the Back Home Again Cafe, how ironic is that!)

 Now, a few months after this hike, I kind of wish I was still out there.  Yes I suffered quite a bit during the hike trying to keep up with my thru-hiker friends, but it is an experience I will not soon forget.  Getting away from the hustle of everyday life and seeing how life could be gave me a craving for more exploration and adventure.  Hardly a day passes when I don't mentally plan out some trip that will take me far into the backcountry, far away from jobs, people, and cities. GDR here I come!

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