Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is Over!

As I rode to school today in my car I looked down at the thermometer and was amazed to see that the temperature was 55 degrees. Hopefully this must mean that this scorching summer is over and the peaks months of fall biking are upon us.

I had promised to tell you about my AT hike and I will, just not to the extent that I planned. In the past couple months, a combination of it being crazy at work and nonexistent internet access at home, has left me little time to update this blog.  Because of this I apologize and I will just quickly touch on my hike and share a few pictures.

Leading up to the hike I was not feeling well.  I contracted a sore throat that was so bad I almost couldn't eat.  I did manage to force myself to go and was glad I did.  On the hike I met some great people and saw some incredibly beautiful country.  Now to the pictures.

This is the morning of the second day, eating breakfast and packing up for what turned out to be almost a 19 mile day.

Merf (Meredith); the friend who invited me to hike with her.

I never really saw any wildlife but there were plenty of flowers and beautiful views.

This is where we stopped for the night the evening of the second day.  I had just enough strength to hobble out of the shelter to take a picture of Merf, as well as Ridley (with the pink hair) and Panther.  As it turned out I would hike with them for the remainder of the trip. Except in the afternoons of course when they really decided to turn on the heat and leave me gasping for breath in their dust.

My glasses, headlight, bug spray, and water bottle close at hand right before I bundled up in my sleeping bag.

The view out of the front of the shelter at about 5 in the morning. I didn't even have to get out of my sleeping bag to take this picture!

On the third day we hiked over Stratton Mt. which had a fire tower on top of it, this is the view from there.

At the base of Stratton Mt. was Stratton Pond. I don't know about you but it looks more like a lake to me!  Panther and Merf are cooling down on a day where it was at least mid 90s.

AT report Part II will come to you sometime next week!

Till next time,

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