Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing in the Mud: Adult Version

As I have said in other posts much of what I enjoy about biking goes back to my sense of adventure that I had when I was a child. When I was younger I  loved building forts, throwing dirt clods, and overall just being in the outdoors which tended to be a little messy (my mother who had to wash me and my clothes can vouch for me here).  I now can do this again, albeit in a slightly different way.

This past Sunday afternoon I set out on a medium distance ride of approximately 18 miles.  After slogging through mud, muck, ice, snow, and slush, I finally decided that I had better turn back after only about 3.5 miles of climbing.  All this climbing meant that I now had to traverse the same area I had just covered but now gravity and speed were working together to send me off the edge of the road into a quite large oak tree.  After one minor wreck and several near mishaps I finally got back to the truck.

To say that I was dirty was an understatement.  I and my bike were so filthy that you probably could have planted and harvested a decent field of wheat from both of us.

Yeah I know its gross but a man's gotta drink! 

It has been cold these last few days and it is just warming up today so Im sure the mud will be back in force this weekend.  Guess I will have to get in the miles on ice and mud-free pavement.

Take heart, spring is around the corner and the days are getting longer!  All you need to do now is to muster up the resolve to get outside even if you may get covered in dirt and lose all the feeling in your toes due to that ice-cold river you just had to ford.

Just get outside and pound out the miles!

Till next time,

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