Friday, August 12, 2011


July was quite the month. Mostly it was hot! The most notable thing that happened this month was my first organized century which totally kicked my butt!  Ninety degree heat, an unrelenting pace, plus hills that never seemed to end had me bonking about 20 miles from the finish. I am an obsessive cyclocomputer checker. Every minute I am checking either speed, feet ascended, mileage, heart rate, average speed, temperature or grade. The last 10 miles I didn't even look down except to grit my teeth as I crested yet another hill. It wasn't till after I had finshed that I even had the energy to find out how long it took me. As it turned out I was able to limp to the finish with a time of approximately 5:20.  I would have liked to do the ride in less that five hours but I was still very happy with my results.

A fire road just south of Reddish Knob 

I really like how you can see both ends of the road disappear. You just have to wonder, what new experiences are around the bend?  I actually liked this picture so much I splurged and got made into a large print that I plan to hang on my bedroom wall.


Clearing the hardest section of Trimble Mt. Trail with my new 29er. I look like I'm concentrating on something.

This is about 2 hours into my first organized century. I must not be having much fun!

Rolling a fire road on my CasseROLL

Ahh!! Summer biking in the mountains of Virginia!!

This is another attempt to do a good HDR photo.

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