Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aborted As Well As Newly Hatched Plans

I told you not long ago that I was going to do the Jeremiah Bishop Gran Fondo. Well that plan has fallen by the wayside. A combination of the fact my friend I was going to do the ride with dropped out, and that it will cost 75 dollars to ride for 6-7 hours made me decide to pull out. I still want to do this route, I just would rather do it at less cost and at my own pace. I will make sure to post some pics when I do this ride sometime this fall.

This summer I have done two rides over 100 miles so I am looking for the next challenge. I really have not ridden much in southern Augusta County and Bath County so I am planning on doing a long ride from my place to Clifton Forge in Allegheny County, and then back. Here is the route.

This is longer than my previous distance record by at least 40 miles. I think that if I make sure to ration my energy and I remember to eat and drink regularly it shouldn't be much of a problem, I hope anyway. I plan to head out before sunrise Saturday morning so I can get back home before dark.  I figure it should take me between 10-12 hours but we shall see.

I had a great weekend! I got in about 50 miles of mountain biking with almost 6500 feet of climbing. You really couldn't ask for anything better.

Here are some pictures from the past weekend and a ride I did over to Sugar Grove WV.

Rawley Flats: They look flat but have a 2% average grade or so for 5 miles!

Still Climbing to the Top of Shenandoah Mt on 33 West

West Virginia!

Hamlet of Sugar Grove in the Background

This turtle looks rather miffed I blocked his way with my tire.

Pretty flowers

Artsy Pretty Flowers

View from Flagpole Knob toward the Valley

Deerfield Valley from Dowell's Draft Overlook 

Start of Dowell's Draft Trail

See Ya Later!

Till next time,

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