Thursday, November 3, 2011

Month of Pictures

First of all I will apologize to the handful of people that read this blog. The past month has been rather busy and . . . well I can't think of another excuse for not posting right now. I will get back to you on that sometime.

I have taken more pictures in the month of October than the last three or four months combined. I don't know if it was the brilliant fall colors or I was just inspired, but I snapped pictures of almost everything from my bike rides, hikes, sunsets in my backyard, to the school where I work. It is hard to explain but one day you look at a what should be a beautiful scene and really don't see anything to take a picture of. The next week you are burning film on water drops hanging on a clothesline trying to get some sort of artsy effect. The second and third weekends of the year I attended the Shenandoah Valley Mountain Bike Festival and hiked Old Rag Mountain respectively. Here are some images that I hope will show you what a great section of this country the Shenandoah Valley really is.

Getting close to the top of Old Rag

Wind blown tree on top

Reflected Fall Color

Old Rag Panorama (click the picture to see it larger)

Round Hill just at Sunset

The Shenandoah Valley is as the cliche says, "God's Country." Even though it is a cliche I truly believe it. I am sure most people are partial to where they grew up but every day I am thankful that I live where I do and am physically able to enjoy His Creation. If its a sunny but cold day outside don't sit next the the central heating vents. Get outside, get your heart pumping, and fully experience all that God has given us to enjoy!

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