Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If Life Gives You Snow Go Biking Anyway

The roads have long since been cleared of snow but the roads that VDOT didn't touch are still covered in 6-12 inches of snow, and sometimes more. Last Saturday I knew that I had to take advantage of the 35-40 degree weather so I put together a pavement and gravel loop to mix it up. Things were going great till I hit a gate and the tire tracks I was depending on to get me through the snow stopped.

I had decided to take my TCX because most of the ride would be on pavement, but as it turned out my 700x35 Small  Block 8s were terrible on unpacked snow.  I then had to push my bike for several miles till I got back to civilization and plowed roads. As far as I could tell I had been the first person to touch that section of road since the February 9th snow. There is something about being the first human to put tire tracks on untouched snow that makes you feel like the busy, stressful life you have to deal with during the week is far away. While you are alone in the wilderness no one can call you on your cell phone or make you wash the dishes. All your cares vanish and you have the silence and solitude you need to think.

I almost feel that I should ask Gnat for permission to take a picture like this. I first saw one like it on his blog and thought that it looked so great that the first chance I got I had to take one like it.  I have to admit that mine didn't turn out near as good as his though.

This weekend they are calling for sunny skies and 50 degrees, mountains here I come!

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